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10 Best Places to Buy Betta Fish Online

When trying to find a specific betta breed, sometimes brick and mortar stores just can’t get what you’re looking for. If you’re into the latest breeds or something imported from Thailand, you may have no choice but to do your shopping online. If that’s the case, then where are the best places to buy betta fish online?

The 10 Best Places to Buy Betta Fish Online

Here are our top 10 favorite places to buy betta fish online!

Frank’s Bettas

Based in Eastern Thailand, Frank’s Bettas is the work of over 15 years of wild collecting and captive bred genetics research to find the most attractive betta lines for development. Like many fish in rapidly growing Thailand, bettas are at risk of extinction as farms and cities expand and their native habitats are lost. However, Frank intends to ensure that bettas continue to live on in captivity.

And if you’re looking for photographs, social media posts, and care guides to both common, wild, and hybrid bettas, Frank has you covered! From Instagram to YouTube, he includes photos, videos, and discussions on all things siamese fighting fish. Even topics as niche as comparing how different species of betta males flare and display towards each other are worthy of video coverage.

Frank’s bettas are shipped using transhippers. Meaning he uses intermediaries in the final destination countries that handle import duties, paperwork, rebag the fish in clean water, and then ship the bettas onwards to their final home. This step increases the shipping price but considering their international origin you have little choice here.

  • Price Examples: $40-60 for show-quality specimens
  • Shipping Rates: Variable; $40-60 via selected transshipper
  • Website:

Betta Squad USA

Martias Pham is a Vietnamese American entrepreneur whose love for bettas was started by his father, who bought him his first fish at age 6. His little purple betta enchanted him and once his family moved to the United States, Martias continued expanding his collection of bettas and his knowledge base. His hobby eventually grew into a successful business operating through Facebook and Betta Squad USA LLC is the end result of his continual efforts!

As an online storefront, customer orders are generally fulfilled through shipping but Martias does allow customers to visit his betta breeding facilities in person by appointment. He specializes in a collection of more exotic Betta splendens varieties. Specifically the Halfmoon, Plakat, Dragon, Koi, and Samurai male bettas. And if you’re interested in female bettas he carries a variety of Halfmoons in stock; perfect for a betta sorority or your own breeding efforts.

And while you’re shopping for a high quality B. splendens you can also pick up Indian Almond leaves, betta pellets, and other accessories to get your new fish perfectly acclimated into their new home!

Unlike most distributors, Betta Squad USA offers a slightly more flexible live guarantee for potential DOA’s. While very rare, if you happen to find a dead fish, you’re entitled to a refund so long as you submit photographic proof within an hour of delivery.

Most distributors end it there – but Betta Squad is willing to honor that guarantee past an hour but no later than three hours for a $10 loss in the refund amount. Since they rely on Priority Mail shipping via USPS and bettas are extremely hardy when shipped, you shouldn’t have to worry about this little bit of fine print!

  • Price Examples: $24-27 for nearly all Bettas, male and female
  • Shipping Rates: $13.50-$40 via USPS from Texas
  • Website:

Blackwater Aquatics

Blackwater Aquatics was founded by two aquarium enthusiasts whose mutual love for the hobby eventually led to them starting their own small business. Their combined experience covers not only bettas but killifish, dwarf shrimp, planted tanks, and other aspects of the aquarium world.

Blackwater Aquatics has one of the finest collections of rare bettas that I’ve ever seen. And I’m not just talking about Betta imbellis and B. smaragdina, which are becoming more popular lately in the trade. They have mouthbrooders (non bubble-nest builders) like Betta albimarginata and its relatives, which are almost impossible for enthusiasts to get their hands on.

Since they aren’t transshippers Blackwater Aquatics fully quarantines each of their incoming fish, ensuring they are free of disease, feeding, and recovered from the ordeals of their international journey.

They also offer rare Betta relatives like the blackwater Liquorice Gouramis (Parosphromenus sp.), freshwater Gobies, and several kinds of nano fish. Although Blackwater Aquatics doesn’t operate from a storefront they are open for local pickups if you happen to live in Southern California.

  • Price Examples: $25 for Betta splendens varieties, $30-50 for rare wild Betta species
  • Shipping Rates: $15 via USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail (no live guarantee) or $40 via UPS Next Day Air (live guarantee) from Orange County, CA
  • Website: is the eBay of the aquarium world. Even if it looks like an early 2000’s page it’s entirely legitimate and is used by thousands of people each month. The website is massive and covers all kinds of aquatic life, from corals to cichlids.

And their collection of betta listings is exactly what you’re looking for. Well organised to include several of the most common breeds as well as a specific page for wild-type bettas, you can bid or Buy it Now just like you would on eBay.

Quality, shipping rates, and prices are going to be tremendously variable since this is an auction website. Typically a listing will show a photo from the transshipper, small time hobbyist, or warehouse’s stock.

Therefore, the betta for sale may not look nearly as impressive as the more polished images retailers tend to provide. AquaBid also has an embedded reverse Google image search to ensure that you’re likely looking at a fresh photo rather than one stolen from another website.

Still, when it comes to sheer variety, it’s hard to beat Aquabid as there are hundreds of auctions and Buy it Now listings available at any one time.

  • Price Examples: Highly variable
  • Shipping Rates: Highly variable
  • Website: might seem like a surprising addition but they actually have a surprisingly large collection of common bettas. Even visiting one of their brick and mortar stores there’s an excellent chance of finding Globettas, Halfmoon, and Koi Bettas. While these aren’t especially uncommon breeds, it is rare to find so many kinds in one location.

Petco knows that bettas are big business. They are easy to care for, beautiful, and very well known even to non-aquarists. Therefore they’ve opted to stock as many types as possible, targeting the beginner betta keeper market.

What’s more, they offer the option of purchasing a fish and having it shipped to their store for free. This way, you get the very low Petco pricing (as low as $3) and free shipping to a location that’s likely close by.

And since you’re buying a betta from their store/website, you get their world-class 30 day guarantee. Should your fish die within this period they will refund your purchase price, no questions asked. Though do bring a water sample as they will perform a test to make sure nothing is amiss!

  • Price Examples: $14.99 Halfmoon Betta male
  • Shipping Rates: free to local Petco stores
  • Website:

Coast Gem USA

Coast Gem USA is a brick and mortar sore, located in Chula Vista, CA, that also has an extensive online presence. All of their fish are quarantined for 2 weeks, ensuring you’re purchasing animals that have shaken off the rigors of travel and are already eating.

For a single location storefront, their betta collection is really impressive! Coast Gem has everything from the latest Alien Betta varieties to rare wild Bettas. And they also offer Datnoids, African Cichlids, Arowanas, and other in demand fish.

Coast Gem offers a reasonable Live Arrival guarantee as well, covering both their 2-3 day and overnight air options. So long as you get them a photo within 2 hours of delivery, they will credit your next purchase with them, minus the shipping fees.

  • Price Examples: $15 Wild Betta mahachai, $45 Copper Alien Bettas
  • Shipping Rates: $18 via USPS 2-3 Day, $58 via FedEx Overnight Air
  • Website:

Space City Fish and Coral

Many times aquarists buying betta fish online are disappointed by the appearance of the fish they end up with. The pattern isn’t quite as striking, the fins aren’t as large…One never gets to go and choose the way you would at a brick and mortar store. 

One element that helps Space City Fish and Coral stand apart from other distributors is their offerings of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). In these listings of show quality fish you can be sure that the photo you’re viewing is the exact fish you’re going to end up with. They also have more standard listings for large collections of bettas, both male and female.

I was also surprised to see original wild Betta splendens, the common betta. Wild splendens are fairly rare and always a treat for collectors. Their other wild bettas are interesting but not on par with Blackwater Aquatics and other specialty collections. 

And if you’re a fan of nano fish like Rice Fish and dwarf shrimp, Space City carries these as well. Houston locals or visitors can pick up their fish for free and folks throughout the USA and Canada have the option of 2-3 day priority or next day air delivery.

  • Price Examples: $35 Galaxy Koi Betta WYSIWYG
  • Shipping Rates: Unlisted; calculated at checkout using UPS or USPS
  • Website:

SD Wild Betta Farm

SD Wild Betta Farm is a specialty importer of bettas and dwarf shrimp sourced from Indonesia and Thailand. This gives them access to the latest and most exciting betta breeds, including Alien Bettas from Asia.

What makes SD Wild Betta Farm even more interesting is their collection of non-standard Bettas. Besides Betta splendens (the Common Betta) and hybrids like Alien Bettas, they also carry brilliantly colored wild-sourced Betta imbellis, B. mahachaiensis, and other very rare species. These rare specimens often come in color morphs ranging from blue to copper!

Their shipments are reasonably priced, starting at $20 per shipment via UPS and FedEx for 2nd day live delivery. They also offer Next Day Air for $50 for most locations in the USA. Since they rely on speedier delivery methods than USPS SD Wild Betta Farm guarantees live arrival for their products. And unlike many online betta distributors SD specifically mentions that they are open to in-store pickups from their San Diego storefront.

  • Price Examples: $25-30 for Alien Bettas, $15-20 for rare Betta females
  • Shipping Rates: $20-50 via UPS/FedEx from California
  • Website:

Bettas & Art

If you’re looking for the highest quality and most unusual imported male show bettas then Bettas & Art is a great place to start shopping. While their prices are definitely the highest on this list there’s no question that you’re also getting your money’s worth.

As specialty betta retailers they can also accommodate requests, such as aquarists looking for breeder pairs from the same line. Bettas & Art has extensive resources in Thailand they can tap for anything from Halfmoon Koi to Crowntail Midnights, Red Golds, and many more bettas that few people ever see.

Based in NYC, Bettas & Art ships across the USA and Canada. They even ship to Hawaii, which many distributors refuse to do since the strict import laws of the tropical island make shipping fish there much more challenging.

  • Price Examples: $75 Imported Red Gold HMPK Male Betta
  • Shipping Rates: USPS/Fedex Priority and Fedex Next Day Air
  • Website:


You can shop on eBay for everything from socks to houses these days. The variety is astounding; but have you ever searched for tropical fish? Not only bettas but cichlids, marine fish, corals, and freshwater plants are all on offer at the world’s largest auction website.

And the sheer number of sellers who use eBay ensures that the prices on offer are extremely competitive. Shipping prices tend to be rock-bottom as well, using USPS for 2-3 day and FedEx Next Day Air on request.

Occasionally, you’ll even find free shipping listings, though the price is actually bundled into the purchase price. Still picking up a high quality Koi Betta for $40 with free shipping is a great deal compared to some of the other distributors in this list.

Brick and mortar stores, small time hobbyists, transshippers, and specialty breeders based in Asia all have listings available. And unlike AquaBid, bettas tend to be Buy it Now, making them standard purchases. This speeds up the process, ensuring your betta will be swimming in its new home in mere days!

  • Price Examples: $30 Halfmoon Koi Betta
  • Shipping Rates: Highly variable
  • Website:
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