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betta fish

11 Compatible Betta Fish Tank Mates (Complete Guide)

Many aquarium owners think that Betta fish must live alone. In reality, there are tons of compatible Betta fish tank mates available for choosing. In this guide, we cover all the possible choices!

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angelfish with tank mates

15 Great Angelfish Tank Mates (Complete Compatibility Guide)

When choosing tank mates for you Angelfish, you must take a lot of factors into consideration. With our complete guide, you will be able to compare each suitable tank mate and choose the one that is right for you!

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cloudy aquarium water

How to Fix Cloudy Aquarium Water

If your fish tank is constantly looking cloudy, this article is for you. We go into detail about causes and solutions to cloudy aquarium water, along with a few tips to have your water looking pristine.

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fish tank

How To Set Up Your First Fish Tank: A Beginners Guide

Learn everything you need to know about setting up your first fish tank! We cover all the basics, including finding a tank, cycling your aquarium, and picking out fish.

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dwarf gourami

7 Floating Plants That Will Look Great In Your Freshwater Tank

When first buying an aquarium and looking to set up a diverse and attractive ecosystem, there are several questions most people ask themselves. Many of these have to do with what in the world they should actually put in their aquarium.  To help clear up some of that confusion, I’ve compiled a little list of […]

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blue ram cichlid

Blue Ram Cichlid Breeding And Care Guide

Blue Ram Cichlids, sometimes called the Butterfly Cichlid, are a brilliantly colored species of cichlid native to Columbia and Venezuela. Blue Ram Cichlids are prized for their stunning looks and interesting personality. They are generally peaceful and social, making them great for community aquariums. With proper care and attention, Blue Ram Cichlids will thrive and […]

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Angelfish Care Guide

Complete Freshwater Angelfish Set Up And Care Guide

Angelfish are one of the most iconic freshwater fish out there. Their fins are long and flowing, typical of a fish you would see on a saltwater reef. Luckily for a lot of beginners, Angelfish are actually freshwater fish and can be extremely easy to keep. Angelfish, once set up in a aquarium, require little […]

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convict cichlid breeding

Breeding Convict Cichlids: A Comprehensive Guide

I first kept Convict Cichlids nearly 15 years ago, when I first discovered my passion for fish keeping. They are hardy, easy to keep, and offer great learning experience.As I soon found out, they are also on of the easiest fish to breed in captivity! Breeding convict cichlids is often as easy a obtaining a […]

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